Race Day Foot Precautions & Preparations

by: John Bevier

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Race Day Foot Care (part 1)

Race Day Foot Precautions & Preparations.

by: John Bevier

Racing requires total focus and perseverance throughout the event. On race day, the comfort and protection of your feet can make your day, or break your day. When in the heat of battle, there is no time to attend to feet that are becoming blistered, clear debris from your shoes, or retie your shoes... So here are a few tips that might make your day better. Race Day

 In preparation BEFORE the race starts.

  1. Make certain that your shoes and socks are race-ready.
  2. Wear moisture resistant socks when ever possible. That will help your feet to stay dry.
  3. Apply anti-blister powder or gel to the inside of the sock, in the areas where you typically get hot-spots.
  4. If you choose not to wear socks, you might consider putting anti-blister gel, or powder, directly on the inside of the shoe, inthe areas where you typically get hot-spots.
  5. Make certain that your shoes laces are pulled to a "sufficiently snug" tension. This will keep your foot from sliding around in the shoe, and ensure the comfort of your foot in the areas of the arch support, and heel-counter.
  6. Keep your shoes from coming untied. I recommend Lace locks, Easy Laces, or "Squeezems" instead of hand tying your shoes. Each of these products are available in a variety of colors... so you can also enjoy some snazzy fashion along with solid practicality

Here is a list of products from Inside Out Sports that will help you with pre-race foot care.
Inside Out Sports has all of these products available now in the store, and on the web-site.

  • Squeezums Lace Locks $0.99 
  • Eazy Laces Locks $7.99
  • Body Glide 1.5oz. $9.99 (Thick viscosity paste- Great for areas where body heat and friction is greatest)
  • 2Toms Blistershield  $12.99 (Medium viscosity- Good for most areas where body heat and friction are problematic)
  •  2Toms Sport Shield Roll-on  $12.99 (Thin viscosity- Easy to apply. Good for most areas where body heat and friction are problematic)
  •  TriSlide Spray-on   $14.99 (Very thin viscosity- easy, and quick to apply. Good for areas where friction is not harsh, but needs attention)
    NOTE: This is typically used for swimming and wet suits. I have also used it successfully in areas where clothes or shoes have friction

Next week we will talk about Race Day foot care at transition.