Used Bike Trade-In Program


Inside-Out Sports is happy to introduce a Bike Trade In Program which gives customers the opportunity to update their rides at a lower cash outlay by trading their current used bikes towards a new bike.

Our goal is to not only offer this unique opportunity during the early season, but to make the process simple to understand and execute, as well as making the program fair to all parties involved. Used bikes accepted as trade ins will be given a credit only valid towards the purchase of a qualifying bicycle. We do not buy used bikes

Here’s how it works:

1)  Determine the value of your used bike using the trade-in calculator:

Bicycle Blue Book Value Guide


Note: The condition of the bike can often be a very subjective determination. Inside-Out Sports reserves the right to make the final determination of the condition of the bike and thus determine the final trade-in value upon inspection of the bike. Nevertheless, if you use common sense and make an honest evaluation of the condition, you should have an idea, or at least a range of the trade-in value.

2)  Contact our Bike Sales Managers with the information above (Make, Model, Year and Trade-In Value) of your bike:

Note: Inside-Out Sports reserves the right not to accept a certain bike as a trade in. Bikes that are too old or that may fall in categories that we normally don’t deal with (such as beach cruisers and kids bikes) will likely not be accepted, as our resources in reselling them are limited.

3)  We will contact you to schedule a time to come in to one of our locations, bring in (or ship – to the Cary location) your used bike and to talk, get fitted and test ride new bikes.