How to Deal With Blisters (part 1)

If you are new to running you will probably have to deal with a blister or two as you ramp-up your miles.
But new runners aren't the only athletes that get blisters... I've seen some pretty nasty foot blisters, and their negative effect on lifelong runners too.

Sunset runner

Often times, runners ask me how to deal with blisters... the process of medical treatment, is what they are mostly concerned about. That is almost like "locking the barn door after the horse ran out". I usually ask the question, why did you get a blister? Sometimes our athletes know the answer to that question, but often times they do not.


The best "blister advice" that I can give to a runner, is DON'T GET A BLISTER in the first place!
You can be proactive, with the remedy for blistered feet.


Lets look at a few reasons that you might get a blister.

1. Shoes that are too tight, or too lose.
2. Movement of the foot inside the shoe.
3. Not wearing an appropriate sock.
4. The arch support in the shoe does not match your foot.
5. Heel-counter does not match your foot.


After confirming that the shoe properly fits the runners foot, I always look at the sock they are wearing.


Here's why wearing the proper sock is a valuable asset...

1. The proper blend of fabric, will wick-away moisture from the foot.
2. Well vented uppers, will allow heat and moisture to diapate. See all models of Belega Socks.
3. Thicker, fabric on the bottom of the foot, often times cushions the foot upon impact, and the thicker fabric can also help to protect the foot from debris that invades the shoe while running.

Balega Enduro sock

Belega  "Enduro" sock.


What kind of socks would I recommend?


I'm impressed with Balega athletic socks, for several reasons.

1. Not "crazy expensive" and provide an excellent value.
2. Launder well, and don't require special preparation, and handling for washing and drying.
3. Offer a variety of styles, including, "no-show" low-cut profile, and several versions, above the ankle.
4. Durable, long lasting sock.
5. Fabulous comfort! ... When you put your foot into a Balega sock, your feet will thank you abundantly.


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Next week we will talk about additional options to reduce or eliminate blisters.

Blistered heel