Wednesday Wisdom - Power Meters

Wednesday Wisdom

Want to take your training to the next level?

Consider riding with a power meter. Power meters allow athletes to track progress in structured training, monitor their workload and offer a great pacing tool during goal events. A power meter is athe tool that quantifies your work.

Through the use of a Functional Threshold Test (FTP), an athlete can tailor their training for the specific demands of competition. If you need more information about FTP testing there is a good article on the Train Rite website: "FTP How To" 

Power meters come in crank, pedal, or hub based versions. Each type is available in dual or single sided options.

Single sided power meters are an excellent option for the athlete looking to get started with power on a budget. Dual-sided meters are ideal for athletes seeking the most accurate measurements and advanced metrics like pedal efficiency.

At Inside Out Sports we offer a wide range of power meters.
Inside-Out Sports Available Power Meters

Manufactures sites with more information about various Power Meter products: