The Joy of Running - Selecting a Trail Running Location

by: John Bevier

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The Joy of Running - Part Four Selecting a Trail

Trail Running covers a variety of scenic locations, providing sufficient challenge for all levels of runners. Gathering information about a trail is important before you run there. Select a trail that suits your level of fitness and skill sets.

Here are several things that you might want to know before you run on a trail. 

  1. Length of the trail.
  2. Facilities available, (locations for water, restrooms, etc.)
  3. Printed Maps of trails, parking, facilities, Park Ranger Buildings, etc.
  4. Location, and capacity of parking facilities.
  5. Cell phone connectivity and quality. (always carry your cell phone with you, for added safety and communication)
  6. Weather conditions and protection.
  7. Rest areas.
  8. Degree of difficultly
    1. Elevational rise and fall.
    2. Trail surface (grass, gravel, dirt, pavement, etc.)
    3. Water crossings
    4. Mud, rocks, tree roots, and other obstacles.

Next week I will discuss apps/sites to help record and reach your progress