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Velopress The Time-Crunched Cyclist: Fit, Fast, And Powerful in 6 Hours a Week

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Velopress The Time-Crunched Cyclist:  Fit, Fast, And Powerful in 6 Hours a Week


The Time-Crunched Cyclist: Fit, Fast, And Powerful in 6 Hours a Week

The Time-Crunched Cyclist helps you build competitive fitness in just six hours a week. Using the principles he developed for Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong during Armstrong's comeback from cancer, author Chris Carmichael will show you how his new high-intensity, low-volume program will help you get in shape on a schedule that fits your lifestyle. The Time-Crunched Cyclist features training plans, case studies, nutritional guidelines and success stories. Author Chris Carmichael is a former Olympian and professional cyclist, and now is a renowned coach, best-selling author and entrepreneur. He is founder of CTS, (Carmichael Training Systems). Athletes who have relied on CTS include, Lance Armstrong, Craig Alexander, Normann Stadler and more. Author Jim Rutberg is the editorial director and a coach for Carmichael Training Systems. He has co-authored The Ultimate Ride, 5 Essentials For A Winning Life, The Carmichael Training Systems Cyclist's Training Diary and more. He is a former elite level cyclist and has written articles that have appeared in Bicycling, Outside, Men's Health, Men's Journal, Inside Triathlon and more.


  • Paperback: 256 pages
  • Publisher: Velo Press; Original edition (August 1, 2009)
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GU Roctane Gel

GU Roctane

Single Packet

Roctane takes athletes' top choice for an energy gel, GU, amplifies the original recipe and then adds new ingredients to boost performance in sustained, high-intensity efforts. Here's how it's done:
  • GU starts with a superior mix of complex and simple carbohydrates that provide quick and sustained energy, electrolytes for replenishment and caffeine to tap more power and diminish pain.
  • From there GU increases the amount of histidine, an essential amino acid, to act as a buffer and slow the energy-sapping lactic acid build-up in muscles.
  • GU mixes in higher levels of citrates (potassium citrate, sodium citrate, and citric acid) to help speed the conversion of carbohydrates into energy molecules and, like histidine, help mitigate acid build-up.
  • GU also adds more of the branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) leucine, valine and isoleucine to serve as another fuel source, aid in recovery and help maintain mental focus and reduce fatigue by limiting the central nervous system's production of serotonin.
  • Finally, GU adds a new ingredient, the amino acid complex Ornithine Alpha-Ketoglutarate (OKG) which limits the body's tendency to break down muscle protein tissue during extremely hard training and racing days. OKG keeps you going longer and promotes a speedier recovery.
Roctane Ultra Endurance Energy Gel packs 100 calories into every packet. It's an ideal serving size to suck down 15 minutes before training or racing in order to top off your electrolyte and glucose stores, followed by one every 30-45 minutes along the way, washed down with a few sips of fluid.

Please see manufacturer's website for nutrition and allergen information.

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