Shimano RC7 701 Cycling Shoe - Men's

Shimano RC7 701 Cycling Shoe - Men's

Shimano RC5 Cycling Shoe - Men's

Shimano RC5 Cycling Shoe - Men's

Shimano XC5 Shoe - Men's

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SH-XC5 Mountain Bike Shoe

You don't like to be limited to one discipline. If it were up to you, your bike, shoes, and kit would have no problem performing everywhere from smooth ribbons of singletrack, to deep gravel roads, and cyclocross sand pits. While we can't speak for your bike, what we can attest to is the versatility packed into Shimano's SH-XC5 Mountain Bike Shoe. Don't let the Mountain Bike designation throw you off — while these shoes were indeed built to be tough enough to handle the trail, they feature a more streamlined build than their big and burly mountain bike counterparts, enabling you to transition across terrain without feeling a need for knocking down a wall in your house to add an extra shoe closet.

To achieve this versatility, Shimano's designers used top materials, like synthetic leather uppers that give your foot a snug hug, featuring perforated venting to keep you from overheating, and lightweight carbon fiber reinforced insoles to stiffen your shoe without excessive weight. The lace-up closure is always reliable, and essentially future-proof, with no finicky boas to break mid ride from a blow against a rock, and it is reinforced with a mini power-strap to securely hold the lacing in place and offer additional support.

Underneath it all, exclusive Michelin high-traction, mud-shedding rubber makes up the outsole, ready to dominate in many conditions, whether you're 30 miles deep on a road to nowhere, lapping your local single track, or throwing your steed over shoulder to hurdle over rivers and logs at a cyclocross race. With an anti-slip arch outsole pattern, you'll feel secure and you'll receive extra support underfoot, and control laying down power on the pedals. Reinforced spike mounts are there for you when you need to ride in more extreme conditions.


*Mixed-terrain shoes for takings on any adventure

*Perforated synthetic uppers are supportive and breathe

*Carbon-fiber reinforced midsole ads stiffness, not weight

*Future-proof laces are reinforced with a power strap

*Michelin rubber backs up the outsole with tacky grip

*Reinforced spike mounts for extreme conditions

*2-bolt MTB cleat specific mounting

*Extra laces are included for color swapping

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