Shimano XC5 Shoe - Men's

Shimano XC5 Shoe - Men's

Shimano RC5 Cycling Shoe - Men's

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Shimano RC5 Cycling Shoe - Men's

Your weekend routine begins with an alarm, ample doses of java, and a hearty breakfast before you toss on your kit and hit the road. Most days involve sprints along local roads and parkways, the occasional coffee break, or hill sprints, but what you don't account for is foot pain from ill-fitting shoes that can't perform under pressure. Shimano aims to mitigate foot pain and boost support with its new mid-rance RC5 Cycling Shoe. They feature the trusted Shimano last you've gotten to know, with just the right balance of width and arch support, and are crafted from durable synthetic leather uppers that don't flex and stretch with time, plus mesh panels for a huge boost in breathability should your toes warm up as the temps rise. The uppers secure around your foot like a warm hug thanks to a combination of an Boa and hook-and-loop strap that helps disperse pressure away from the instep, while eliminating wiggle room for support through every part of your pedal stroke. While lighter duty soles can create flex that's comfortable, that flex wastes watts of energy, so Shimano builds the RC5 with a carbon-reinforced nylon sole that boosts stiffness, allowing every watt of power to go straight to the pedals.


*Stiff mid-range shoes for daily hill sprints and coffee rides

*Synthetic leather uppers don't stretch over time

*Boa and hook-and-loop strap snug down together to fit like a glove

*Mesh panels and perforation elevate breathability

*Midsole utilizes minimalist stack height for improved stabilizing

*Carbon-reinforced sole is stiff and supportive through pedal stroke

*Intefrated sole and upper construction achieves a new level of fit comfort

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