How do you know when it is time to replace your running shoes?

It’s really NOT determined by a number of weeks or months, but these can give us an idea of when it’s time for new ones. Shoe wear is actually based on how many miles you run in them.

For example, most training shoes have a life in the range of 500 miles, and racing shoes are usually in the range of 300, maximum 400, miles. Consequently, if you run 4 miles 3 times a week, you are running about 12 miles every week, you’ll need to replace your shoes in less than a year. Of course, if you run more than 12 miles every week, you’ll be ready for new shoes even sooner!

Another way to know when you are ready for new shoes… come into our store and try on a new model of the same shoe you are currently wearing… you’ll FEEL THE DIFFERENCE.

Also, remember that manufacturers often introduce new technology and new concepts in shock absorption and performance. At Inside-Out Sports, we can guide you through new options as well.

Replacing your shoes regularly before they’re worn out is an easy way to prevent a number of running injuries and to keep you running happily for years!

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