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Profile Design 38/38 TwentyFour Carbon Clincher Wheelset

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Profile Design 38/38 TwentyFour Carbon Clincher Wheelset


Do yourself a favor and consider these wheels. Profile Design really did their homework in designing a very competitive aero race wheel at a very competitive price. Depth, width, weight and performance is comparable to the major hitters ENVE & Zipp but at a considerable discount in price. One of our local Elite triathlete's has been rocking his bike split on his new Profile 58/78's and loves them. The 58/58 set may be a better option for lightweight riders, very windy days or hilly courses, but the 58/78 set should get the nod on light to moderately windy days and flat to rolling courses.
  • Weight: Front 657g, Rear 808g
  • Rim Depth: 38mm Front, 38mm Rear
  • Rim Width: 24.5mm Front & Rear
  • Spoke Count: Front 20, Rear 24
  • Compatibility: Shimano/SRAM 9/10sp. 11sp w/included spacer (Campagnolo 10/11sp Freehub Available aftermarket)

Brake Performance

Specifically formulated to withstand the same heat the rims can take on, The brake pad compound is exclusive for TwentyFour Series wheelsets. Using a specially formulated rubber compound, durometer and friction agent, Profile Design developed a proprietary brake pad and reduced braking distances over that of other carbon fiber wheelsets.


TwentyFour Series hubs are forged from 6061-T6 Aluminum then precision machined with a tolerance of 100th of a millimeter increasing durability, strength and stiffness. The freehub body is machined from 7001-T6 Aluminum then shot peened hard anodized to create an 18% increase in material strength compared to standard aluminum freehubs. This prevents the cassette from digging into the freehub body resulting in better shift performance and increased power transfer.

Course Modelling

Wind tunnel tests can tell us how fast wheels are at different angles of attack - but how common are these angles in the courses most important to the athletes? Blindly applying tunnel data to the unpredictable force of Mother Nature did not add up to us. Profile Design took tunnel data a step further, and worked with SpeedTheory to break down popular road and triathlon courses into thousands of segments, mapping the performance of the wheels against historical wind speeds, angles and race day conditions around the world. TwentyFour Series wheels continue to come out with distinct advantages across the yaws most commonly encountered not in a lab, but in the real world.

CFD Engineered Rim Profiles

Profile designed, tested and revised hundreds of rim shapes to find the very nuances that affect crosswind feedback and handling. Partnering with a team of technicians specializing in Computational Fluid Dynamics from golf equipment to race cars, Profile Design was able to merge expansive CFD knowledge with their aerodynamic expertise. Manipulating width, width location, depth and conicity, Profile Design sorted through months of generated data to select the highest performing rim profiles.

Precision-Engineered Materials Every Step of the Way

Rather than use the consistently failing attempts at reducing the temperatures produced by braking, Profile Design rejected what has become acceptable practice and instead increased the heat capacity of our materials. Our proprietary high Tg point resin is 30% higher than other "high" Tg resins. A rim that can withstand more heat leads to braking performance unseen on other carbon rims.

Decals may vary.

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