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Powerbar Recovery Bar

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Powerbar Recovery Bar


Powerbar Recovery Bar

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  • A convenient source of recovery nutrition, specially formulated to jump start muscle recovery and help restore muscle lipids depleted during endurance exercise
  • 30 grams of carbohydrates to kick off glycogen replenishment
  • 12 grams high quality protein, complete in essential amino acids, to help rebuild muscle tissue
  • 9-10 g fats to help restore muscle lipids (IMCL) depleted during endurance exercise
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Xlab Delta Wing 100

Xlab Delta Wing 100

Single bottle carrier, rear hydration system. Helps reduce drag by mounting in an aerodynamic location. Cage design is funnel shaped, for trouble-free insertion and grips the bottle with 5lbs of tested force to avoid slipping.

Xlab's Delta Wing rear hydration carrier system is specifically designed to carry a single bottle for a variety of options. Riders can replace their frame bottle with the new Delta Wing resulting in less drag. The Delta Wing can also be used as a replacement or refill option for a front hydration carrier. The Delta Wing carriers are ideal for long training rides where a third bottle, of a favorite drink mix, is desired.


  • Improves aerodynamics on road and triathlon bikes
  • Tucks neatly behind the saddle
  • Includes nylon fiberglass composite P-Cage
  • Loctite and lock nut hardware ensures security on bumpy roads
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