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Zipp Cork Brake Pad (Pair)

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Zipp Cork Brake Pad (Pair)


Zipp Cork Brake Pad (Pair)

In response to the intense heat caused by braking on carbon, Zipp developed the Tangente High Performance Cork Brake Pad. CNC machined from a unique composite material, the Tangente pad combines the stopping performance and durability of a synthetic polymer with the heat resistance and smooth feel of cork. As a result, the Tangente pad avoids the brake pulsation produced by residue buildup from rubber pads and can even eliminate pulsation from rims with previous buildup.


  • Unique shape places more material in the front of the pad to improve durability and shed water
  • Lasts longer than most rubber carbon-specific pads because of its shape and 0.5mm greater overall thickness
  • One pair

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